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Day 29 - Grand Canyon and Hawaii

Our last USA state!

sunny 20 °C
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Today we managed to leave early and get back to Vegas in time to have banana cream pie, coconut cream pie and lemon meringue pie at coco's where we had breakfast the other morning....... The banana cream pie was amazing and one of the best pies I have had. The diner was a little unkept, but had decent servings of food, friendly service and were well priced (in Vegas this is unusual!) it is similar to a Dennys style of place.

We had a good drive back, it didn't seem as long as it actually was and we are experts at USA driving now.........

We then headed to the airport to return the car and make our way to the last part of our trip - Hawaii! My goodness has the time flown........ I am currently writing to you from our Hawaii airlines flight (great airline to travel with- staff are very friendly and helpful) they still provide a meal - they are the only airline in North America to do so!
The staff at Vegas airport however, not so much, all of the airports in the USA so far have been great, clean, well resourced and friendly staff, but not Vegas!

We are looking forward to 5 days of beach, sleep and sun......perhaps some shopping in there somewhere!

Will post some photos tomorrow of the beautiful Waikiki - until then, take care.

A fun update to share, getting a cab or transport for 5 can be tricky, we arrived at Honolulu airport and the cab dispatcher at the airport called for a cab that would fit 5. What should show up but a whites etched limo with a yellow taxi sign lit up on top! You should have seen the boys faces! That certainly got a smile after all that travel!


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Day 30 - Waikiki, Hawaii

My new favourite place!

sunny 26 °C
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Waking up in Waikiki Honolulu was lovely this morning, the sticky feel of the air, the smell of the sea and the sun, no wonder Aussies enjoy coming to Hawaii for holidays, it really is lovely.


This is the view we woke up to this morning at the Hyatt Place Waikiki, a relaxed and lovely hotel, that so far seems great, unpretentious, well resourced and with great inclusions such as breakfast and free wifi. The lobby has a gift shop and convenience store that doesn't charge hotel prices, breakfast was served by the pool this morning!


After we ate, we wandered down the street to buy some thongs (no need for them in freezing weather so far!) and for some typical souvenirs - an Obama bobble head, a hula girl dash board dancer, Hawaiian dresses, lei's - one and a half grumpy teens complained so Hubby took them back to the hotel while Teen2 and I explored the shops.
Then a trip to the beach, we hired a stand up paddle board and while we were coasting out on the water we saw a turtle's head bob up beside us...... There were quite a few swimming around underneath us..... It was magical.

Here is a photo of the view from our beach towel!


Then lunch and a fresh flower lei from Aunty Bella's Lei stand.


On our way back to the hotel, we found a fruit and food market that runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 4-9pm, after watching sunset from our balcony (a slight glimpse of the sun) we headed back to the market to pick up a fresh coconut to drink/eat, some Chinese skewers and the best burritos the boys have eaten so far!!


Goodnight from Waikiki!

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Day 31 - Hawaii

sunny 27 °C
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Aloha everyone!

Today, following breakfast, I started my day with a yoga class at the park overlooking the beach, it was a nice way to start back into exercise....... Considering it has been 4 weeks of eating and tourist walking only! It was with beach sunset yoga Hawaii, (sunsetyogahawaii.com), the class consisted of regular yoga poses. If in Hawaii and planning to try it out, it would be useful if you are familiar with yoga and the techniques, as the class runs through with an assumption that you know what you are doing. If you are new to yoga, perhaps another class is best for you. They also run a sunset yoga class, check the schedule out on the website.

Can you see me below!!


Tonight we went to a Hawaiian luau dinner at Paradise Cove, the evening consisted of activities such as making a haku lei (flowers to wear on your wrist), spear throwing, Polynesian tattooing and many others. There were demonstrations such as how to do the hula, tiki carving, sarong tying....... There were Mai Tai's -I found another alcoholic drink I like (this is unusual for me as it didn't have cream and an umbrella in it!) and virgin piña coladas for the teens and off course a gigantic luau feast. We watched them lift the pig from the hot coals for the feast and while eating we watched a performance of hula dancing, fire twirling and different forms of dance from the islands. It was a nice evening, entertaining with a traditional Hawaiian Island feel.


Goodnight from Hawaii!

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Day 32 Hawaii

overcast 24 °C
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Today there was expected rains and the wind was very strong - it blew my cereal out of the bowl! So we decided to shelve our morning at the beach and head to Ala Moana for a shopping day, to get the last off our lists.......

Check out the lean on those palm tree's......

So there isn't much to share, our morning of shopping turned into more of a whole day shopping. Ala Moana was a nice shopping mall. It had Macy's, Nordstrom, many designer shops such as Jimmy Choo, and many other less exclusive stores that weren't as costly, such as the ABC store (there's are everywhere in Hawaii, between here and the beach we must pass 5 of them!). It was a good mall to pick up what you needed, however wasn't particularly cost saving. For example our shopping at Vans at Camarillo outlets meant we were picking up Vans for between $15 and $40 (leather) a pair. It was buy one get the second pair half price. Where as the store in Hawaii a pair on sale was starting at $25, so while compared to the price in Sydney it was much less, but compared to Camarillo, it wasn't as worthwhile.

On the way back to our hotel we stopped at the market in Dukes lane where were able to pick up some souvenirs for the teens to take back home, then off to buy burritos at the market again......... They were too good the first time so we had to go back for more!


Tomorrow is our last full day in Hawaii and then it is time to head back to reality!
Goodnight from Waikiki!

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Day 33 - Hawaii

Our final day!

sunny 24 °C
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Today is the last full day of our holiday! I cannot believe how fast 5 weeks had flown and how much we have experienced. We have another set if places, experiences and a new language to share - this was evident when we met a New York couple at breakfast today and they were chatting about where they live, where we stayed, if we ate at grays papaya. We were comparing Sydney and New York, it was nice - what great guys they were!

Today we laid on the beach for much of the day, we had beautiful weather so there is not much to share with you......


After our day at the beach we went to the tiki bar up the end if our street and sat in the verandah to see the sunset while drinking piña coladas out of coconut shells. There was a band, hula dancers and the torches were lit once the sun went down. This was a great place to eat dinner as well, light bar food - buffalo wings, nachos as well as coconut prawns (or shrimp as called in the US). The service was a little slow, but the atmosphere was great and it was Hawaii - so Hawaiian time was clearly part of the atmosphere...... It will happen when it happens!


Tomorrow it is time to go home!

Thank you for keeping up to date with our travels, it has been great to share them with you....... Thank you for your comments, particularly while we have been away, it has kept us in touch with home so we weren't missing everyone too much!

We hope you feel like you have been there with us, or that is has reminded you of your time there OR that it has helped you plan for your visit to the USA.

The Auggies family

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