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Day 20 - Beverly Hills

Star struck!

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Today was time to head to Warner bros studios! I hadn't realised that there was a tour at this studio until my cousin Carolyn recommended it to me. So glad we went, this is what coming to Hollywood is about, seeing your favourite shows and movies behind the scenes and coming up close and personal with aspects of these, and if your lucky an actor or two. This is what universal studios used to have (on my last trip 20+ years ago) but is now more like a theme park.


We started with a drive on the lot past some houses from Gilmore girls, friends, pretty little liars, the waltons and more........ It was great seeing them set up or not, and have explained how they are used in filming. Because they are a set they often have double sides so they can be used for a variety of purposes. We went past a park with a gazebo, some streets, from New York and Vegas, it was really interesting, our tour guide had a lot of knowledge and was able to tell us what shows and episodes the houses/streets/shops were used in.


Next we explored the cars, you may see some familiar ones in the photos - Steve there is the shagmobile from Austin powers just for you.


We then went into a warehouse type building where the sets were for shows, the particular one we went into was for pretty little liars, and while I am not familiar with the show it was very interesting to see how small the actual rooms were in the 'houses'. The sets were literally stage front type rooms put together with carpet or timber floors and furnishings to fill the space and make them life like, it was amazing. They also showed us a school set and described how the one set was used for multiple purposes - cafeteria, gym, various classrooms they even had an outdoor area (inside the warehouse). We were unable to take photos there - in case we reveal some secrets!

We drove past where the costumes are stored, where the sets are made the lot has it's own real operating fire station, mechanics, gas station...... It is a little community! All the while watching carts drive past with 'big bang theory' written on them or other shows. We saw them filming an episode of the mentalist, Simon Baker was there - at a distance we could see some action...... It was very exciting (......by chance we saw this episode air on TV - that was weird but exciting, we were really able to see how the lot was used to put together the show......we had a chuckle at how it didn't seem real now that we knew how it was filmed, but we couldn't stop watching). We drove past Mike from 'Mike and Molly' although we didn't realise at the time - we don't watch the show often. We were hoping to see a glimpse of a set or actor from 'Big Bang Theory' or 'ellen', but while they were on the lot today, they were filming or using the space for rehearsal so no glimpses).

Then my favourite part....... We entered the set of one of my all time favourite tv shows - and my boys too....... While this show isn't still filming, they have left the set - set up from it's last filmed episode - 'Friends' in Central Perk, the coffee shop. Wow that was something, we saw the menu as it was on the last take...... sat on the couch, saw the detail, and learnt some friends facts...... It was an experience I won't forget!


We then walked through where the props were this was fantastic and a museum of props also...... see photos below, you may recognise some of the items........

My fair lady above right, Big Bang Theory on the left. The conjuring - you can even see a face in the jack in the box - like the movie..... But I recognise this one!
The piano where Sam - played it again in Casablanca. Batman, Heath ledgers outfit worn in 'the dark knight' and Charlie's piano from two and a half men, with his ashes in the urn!
Harry potter!

We also learnt today, that the trees you can see in the city streets above can even be removed (they are in pots) and a fire hydrant or newspaper stand can be installed. Also there is even gum on the sidewalk, made by drops of tar..... So clever, it would be such interesting work.

As we were wandering we heard a story about the waterway behind the studios ....... See if you recognise this from a movie I would be surprised if you haven't seen it.......


That's right...... It involved a car race between Danny Zuko and Kenickie - in 'Grease'.

Now that we found some Hollywood romance...... We were off to the the Hollywood sign from a vantage point listed on information given to us at the studio. North Beachwood Drive. Travel to the very end and turn to park when you see the Hollyridge trail sign - there is a hike there that would be great to walk, if you have the right shoes, which I didn't. It was a great spot!


Below some images of things 'only in LA!'

We worked up an appetite so headed to farmers market for lunch and a browse, so next comes one of the highlights of the trip, we drove around and the sign said no parking..... So a few events happened which meant we frustratingly had to drive around the block and decided to go in where it said no parking anyway..... Clearly this delay happened so we could spot a celebrity!!!- all things happen for a reason!
As we were taking a ticket, a black jeep was paying for their ticket, Hubby said to me 'hey, isn't that what's his name....' So we looked in the direction of the car and lo and behold it was James Marsden, check him out here who my boys recognised as 'Cyclops' in the movie 'X Men' so this conversation for me was frustrating because I knew he was in one of my favourite movies but couldn't get my brain to match the guy driving the car in front of me. I did, however get a little excited and to my childrens embarrassment say quite loudly, 'oh my god, how exciting' apparently this got his attention and he was looking in our car with a funny look on his face.......

Then Hubby said he was in '27 Dresses'! Oh my gosh! It's Kevin! The lead guy the reporter who writes up the weddings, gets to know her and....... If you haven't seen it you have to now! As you know we visited some of the places from the movie in New York - one being the boathouse, so you can imagine my excitement. He drove around the corner in front of us after that! We saw a celeb in Hollywood...... Now Hollywood is complete!

We did get an amazing banana split but had eaten most of it before we even thought about sharing it with hubby or taking a photo! Sorry, it was amazing though, you will just have to picture it!
After a nice lunch and buying one of those amazing candy apples, we went for another drive and then home for some Chinese takeout...... And the rice does come in those little boxes!


Driving on Route 66, and a window with some dresses suitable for this weekends golden globe awards!

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Wow, Linda, you finally had your Hollywood experience.
Glad you all enjoyed the day. You certainly packed a lot into it.
Lisa, austin and Uncle Ron were here today, Lisa Read some of your blog and looked at your photos, she couldn't believe all you have packed in so far.
Love to all.Dad and Mum xx

by Joy Collier

Hey guys, Blake was so excited to see the batman photos! Linda I am there in spirit with you , I cleaned my house to the pretty woman soundtrack today ha ha . Have a fantastic time .

Love Dan, Luke , Blake and Paige

by Danielle

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